Pär Sving Sami Mäki Jimmy Mattsson Tommy Holmer
vocals, guitar & keyboards guitars bass drums



What was to one day become PLANET RAIN was originally created in the mind of singer and guitarist Pär Sving all the way back in 1997 while writing songs that really didn't fit into his (then) main band, Necrocide. At that time the project didn't have a name and it was a one man band. The writing process continued and in 2002 rehearsals began with fellow Necrocide-member, drummer Tommy Holmer (also in Rimthurs, Undivine). By 2004 the first self-titled demo, containing 5 original tracks and 2 covers, was recorded and released under the name of Zweihander.

In the spring/summer of 2006 guitarist Johan Sjöblom (ex-Well of Tears, ex-DiiMinores) and bass player Jimmy Mattsson (ex-AutumnMoon, also in Loch Vostok) joined the band, and in October that same year, 3 songs for a second demo ("Departure") was recorded at MHM studios in Gävle. With the release of this demo the band also changed name to Planet Rain.

Being unsatisfied with the outcome of "Departure" the band spent the end of 2006 and beginning of 2007 to re-record and re-release it as "Re-parture". Some gigs followed but most of the coming year was spent recording new material for "Fracture". This third demo was finally released in October of 2007.

Shortly after the release of "Fracture" Johan announced that he was to leave the band to focus on other things in life. A replacement was quickly found in Bosse Öhman (In My Embrace), a longtime friend of the band. With this line up they focused on performing live (most noteable at MetalCamp in Slovenia and a short but successful tour of Finland) before bad luck struck again in early 2009 when Bosse unfortunally was forced to leave the band due to health issues.

During spring in 2009 the band recruited Sami Mäki (Undivine, ex-Altered Aeon) and started working on what will become the first album.

So it truly has begun...

LtoR: Jimmy Mattsson, Pär Sving,
Johan Sjöblom, Tommy Holmer

LtoR: Tommy Holmer, Pär Sving,
Bosse Öhman, Jimmy Mattsson

LtoR: Tommy Holmer, Pär Sving,
Jimmy Mattsson, Sami Mäki
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